Friday, January 25, 2013

Promote your book readings

Hi there,

Here is an example of a marketing material I am using to promote an upcoming reading.  As I mentioned in my last post make sure to cross promote yourself and the store.  You can send out e-mail blasts, social media alerts, and pass them out in person.

Set up book readings and signings


Let's talk a bit about how to begin marketing your book.  Hopefully by now you have made some sales to your close circle of friends, family, and local shops etc.  This will give you some great feedback and the confidence to start setting up readings and signings.  Bonus:  You can sell signed copies when you do readings (unless the place you're reading at sells them).

Remember, when you are reading to kids and trying to keep them engaged you have to be outgoing,  comical, animated and get them involved when possible.  There is nothing more boring then someone who just blandly reads the book.  You can be sure to see some restless audience members.

Create and distribute marketing materials cross-promoting your reading and book title with the place you will be doing the reading.  Create a win-win, meaning your presence and reading will give you and the store more exposure.  Start by searching for places you think would be a good fit do to your reading.  Just pick up the phone or go in person and talk to the decision maker about doing a reading or fun event there.  Let them know you will be marketing on their behalf and that you will provide a unique and fun experience.  

Send the info for reading via your social media platforms, print appropriately sized marketing materials and hand them out, ask local stores to keep them at register etc. Get the word out there.

Get creative with how you read your book to kids. Kids love to laugh and be engaged so try to bring them into the story if you can.  It can be as simple as asking them to make sounds during certain parts of the book, clap their hands, yell whooohoo...anything that makes them feel included.  I promise once you have done your first reading you will never want to stop!

Check back soon for tips on how to get media coverage for your book and how to build a great social media platform.

Don't for to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE