Saturday, February 2, 2013

UPC and ISBN for your book


Because this can be such a busy time for a newly self-published author I want to make sure the below details don't slip through the cracks as you begin talking to retailers.
  • Obtain ISBN (International Standard Book Number)-- This is how retailers etc. can locate and verify your book. 
  • Obtain UPC/bar code--this is how retailers can scan your product easily.
  • List price of book
All 3 of these numbers must be combined on the sticker or embedded in the bottom right side of the back of the book or in the dust jacket, particularly for the big box stores.  Below are two great sites for information and obtaining the numbers you need.           Here is an example:

  • Secure any appropriate trademarks and copyrights for your book and list them on one of the first interior pages.  Below are two great resources for learning about how to protect your IP (Intellectual Property)

If you have not embedded this info into the book you can still get a sticker from one of the above mentioned companies.  Next time I want to write about continuing to market your book and how to get it out there!  I will be starting another Kickstarter campaign soon to raise funds for book 2 in the Pug Story series, so I will be offering specific do's and don't about that process.  

I hope you all will continue to send me your thoughts, feedback, and stories.  I am here to help you on your journey in any way I can because I know that YOU CAN DO IT!

Don't forget to WRITE,WRITE,WRITE!  

Like I tell my kids at readings etc. 


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